IAGG Asia/Oceania Regional Congress 2023


Symposium Topics


Application of biomarkers capable of classifying dementia
Biology of cognitive aging across species
Community care for old people living with dementia in the perspective of care management
Dementia clinical research update
Driving of older people with cognitive decline
Management of BPSD
Neuroimaging of neurocognitive disorders
Non-pharmacological intervention for dementia
The progress and brand-new approach to neurodegenerative disease research.


Anti-thrombosis and anti-coagulation for older patients
Chinese herbal medicine for COVID-19
Cross talk related to muscle health
Definition and diagnosis of sarcopenia
Digital technology and health of older people
End-of-life care in care facilities
Fall prevention in different settings
Frailty, sarcopenia and brain structure: Japan-Taiwan MRI image platform
Geron-technology in long-term care
Incontinence management: Evidence update
Management of diabetes in older adults
Management of malnutrition and anorexia
Multimorbidity and polypharmacy
Neurosurgery for older people
Personality and physical health in old age
Policy strategy for frailty and locomotive syndrome
Preoperative care for surgical patients
Strength-based Approach in Prevention and Rehabilitation
Team approach for secondary fracture prevention


Oral frailty: Assessment and interventions
Oral functions, diet styles, nutrition
Oral health and cerebro/cardio vascular disease; challenges for prevention and rehabilitation

Social Science

Active Aging Index in the ASEAN region
Community building for Aging in Place
Community-Based Integrated Care/Public Health Program
Disaster preparedness for older adults: what we learned?
Exploring healthy longevity: results from the panel surveys in Asia/Oceania region
Fostering intergenerational interactions in countries in Asia/Oceania
Health Inequality in Gerontology
Higher education in Gerontology
Interdisciplinary study of supercentenarians: exploring healthy longevity
International perspectives on family caregiving for older adults
Prevention of functional decline during COVID-19 epidemics
Psychosocial factors of well-being, psychological adaptation, and healthy longevity
Social isolation and health in the post-COVID-19 era
Work in Older Age/Active aging in employment and social participation among older adults

Aging Science

Cellular aging: from pathology to therapy
Nutrition and Aging
Molecular Mechanisms of Sarcopenia Prevention and Improvement by Exercise


Care DX
Healthy aging, lifestyle and biomarkers: Japan-Taiwan collaborative studies
Psychological resources for aging well

* Above themes and topics may change in the course of discussions among the scientific committee.